CEO Message

As an Emirati company, Emirates Response Services LLC leverages the collective strengths of its family of professionals and international associates who are dedicated to providing the most credible, serious, and value-driven solutions to the complex issues impacting our customer-partners.

ERS has an altruistic desire to advance UAE’s welfare before our own financial interests. We are an honest broker – Emirati first and foremost, and we have an intuitive understanding of Emirati culture and aspirations.

As a trusted companion with only our customers’ interests at heart, ERS is a regional leader in fire and emergency services training and management for the United Arab Emirates’ government, military, and commercial sectors. Our global-reach provides access to a pool of multinational subject matter experts who are recognized as the Gold-standard for applying industry best-practices and international standards.

ERS is a recognized strategic leader in the United Arab Emirates and not only believes we have an obligation to be responsible corporate citizens, but also to make Emiratization a central focus of our daily activities. Therefore, we take a synergistic approach to the government, commercial and educational aspirations of the UAE and fully embed Emiratization objectives into the solutions we provide to our customer-partners and we are proud to boast an 80%+ Emirati workforce.

Through passionate teamwork, orchestrated by credible and enthusiastic professionals, ERS is fully committed to its vision, values and objectives. These characteristics underpin and support our desire to be recognized as the foremost provider of fire and emergency management and training services in the GCC region.

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