Our Core Values

ERS observes 'HEART' Principles as its core values:

H as Honesty
We keep our promises and we honor our word. We believe it is the foundation of our integrity and it sets everything on its right track We expect nothing less from our clients, customers and partners.
E as Excellence
Our passion lies in embracing recognized standards, meticulous execution, attention to detail, following best processes and practices,and welcoming opportunities to improve and grow.
A as Accountability
We take pride in what we do. We take responsibility for our work, perform transparently and disclose the results of our achievements in a transparent manner.
R as Respect
Integrity and dignity come first. We consider our work inestimable and rewarding since it involves safety of  life and property. We show high regard for differences in perspective, and honor the individuality of our people.
T as Teamwork
Teamwork and Team spirit is the foundation of firefighting. A Team is like a chain, only as strong as its weakest link so we maintain the right ingredients for a strong team- skills, discipline, confidence, flexibility and commitment to safety. 
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